The Book is Done

I finished writing MR. MONK GOES TO THE FIREHOUSE and sent it off to the publisher, the studio, and the showrunner on Friday…ten days before my deadline. You can read it in January.  As much as I enjoyed writing that book (and proving to myself I could write a book that fast), it’s going to be very nice to have a free weekend to do whatever I want, which will be…

…playing with my INport, a device that allows me to transfer my old LPs and cassette tapes to .wav and .mp3 files.

…finishing Meg Wolitzer’s novel THE POSITION.

… getting hamburgers and shakes at The Habit with my daughter and going swimming.

…cleaning up my office, organizing my desk and paying bills.

…catching up on the TV shows I recorded on Tivo last week in my mad rush to finish the book.

…starting to plot MONK #2, which is due in early September and will be published in July 2006.

6 thoughts on “The Book is Done”

  1. Richard,
    Don’t worry — I’ll send you one! Thanks again for all the helpful information on firefighting.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Diagnosis Murder and Monk. You’re officially my favorite person. Ever.
    I think it would be wonderfully ironic if you’d have Sharona/Natalie using lotion at a crime scene taken from a basket at the aforementioned crime scene in one of the books. Then the Captain could tell her to “Put the lotion in the basket.” Ahh, amusing cultural refrences.


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