7 thoughts on “The Bouchercon Mystery No One Talks About…”

  1. Do the featured guests get fees / expenses for appearing?
    The main costs of ‘fandom’ conventions whether run by fans or by professional companies are the fees and expenses (travel, accommodations et cetera) for the ‘star’ guests.

  2. The Mystery of Bouchercon

    After some research into where the Bouchercon left-over money goes, Paul Guyot asked:
    I was told that any money left over from Bouchercon is supposed to go to the next years organizing committee. But obviously theyre not starting out wi…

  3. Actually, the guests of honor don’t. They attend for free and their hotel is covered.
    Well, at least one I know personally will get their hotel covered, but I’ve never heard of a convention where the guests of honor were asked to pay their hotel and membership. That wouldn’t really make them guests or feeling honored, would it?
    Everyone else pays their own freight. Or if you’re Lee Child, everyone’s bar tab for one night.
    Did I mention Lee Child’s my third favorite author now? (I owe Laura and Ken too much to make Lee #1. Esp. Ken, who keeps me good and drunk at these things. Sorry, Lee.)

  4. Whatever happened to the controversy that arose after Las Vegas Bouchercon where it came out that the organizer supposedly copyrighted the name “Bouchercon” behind everyone’s back? Did that ever get resolved?


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