The Bright Purple Interview

Mystery File has posted Ed Gorman’s 1980s interview with John D. MacDonald. Here’s one of MacDonald’s quotes:

"Professionally, I do not recall any particularly bad memories.  The book which
just won’t jell.  The editor who gets fired when you have half a book in his
shop.  The clown who was taking my old pulp stories and changing the point of
view and selling them to Manhunt.  I
began to learn my trade in late 1945.  Had I begun ten years later, I would
never have had the chance to earn while learning.  The short-story market was
sliding into the pits.  Luck is being born at the right time.  I had an agent
who kept me out of Hollywood despite some pretty offers.  I was lucky to have a
man so wise.  I decided against doing a series character in 1952.  I had no good
reason.  It was just a gut feeling.  I didn’t start McGee until 1964.  By then I
could avoid being trapped in the series.  Saying no was the purest kind of luck."

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  1. I saw this on Crider’s blog this morning.
    I’m not sure who was a bigger influence in me wanting to write – Graham Greene or John D. MacDonald.
    I love MacDonald’s stuff and after reading this interview, went to ABEbooks and bought three first editions of his work.
    I wish I’d been born about twenty years earlier than I was. Would have been great to be waiting for a new MacDonald to arrive at the bookstore.


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