The Business Traveler

In the last six months, I think I’ve traveled more than I have in the last six years. Tomorrow I am off to Germany again…this time, with my friend Matt Witten (LAW AND ORDER, HOUSE, etc) to teach writer-producers there how we develop, write  and produce TV series here. Then it’s off to Sweden with William Rabkin to conduct the same course for their writer/producers. While all that is going on, I will be spending every free moment writing the next MONK novel and awaiting word on my two pilots…

I’ll try to check in here, too.

3 thoughts on “The Business Traveler”

  1. What fun can be teaching those oversea’s how to write, develop and produce television series the American way, counterparting with the writers and producers overseas sound like fun.
    I wonder what Borat would say about that?


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