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CBS has announced their fall schedule. The highlights: The network is jumping on the LOST and MEDIUM-inspired speculative fiction bandwagon with two shows — THE GHOST WHISPERER (Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to dead people and solves crimes) and THRESHOLD (aliens invade from STAR TREK producer Brannon Braga and BLADE screenwriter David Goyer).  Cancelled:  JOAN OF ARCADIA, JUDGING AMY and Jason Alexander 43rd awful sitcom since  SEINFELD.

The schedule, as printed by USA Today, is on the jump.


8 p.m. —The King of Queens

8:30 p.m. —How I Met Your Mother

9 p.m. —Two and a Half Men

9:30 p.m. —Out of Practice

10 p.m. —CSI: Miami


8 p.m. —NCIS

9 p.m. —The Amazing Race

10 p.m. —Close to Home


8 p.m. —Still Standing

8:30 p.m. —Yes, Dear

9 p.m. —Criminal Minds

10 p.m. —CSI: NY


8 p.m. —Survivor: Guatemala

9 p.m. —CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

10 p.m. —Without a Trace


8 p.m. —Ghost Whisperer

9 p.m. —Threshold

10 p.m. —Numb3rs


8 p.m. —Crimetime Saturday  (crime show reruns)

9 p.m. —Crimetime Saturday  (crime show reruns)

10 p.m. —48 Hours Mysteries


7 p.m. —60 Minutes

8 p.m. —Cold Case

9 p.m. —CBS Sunday Movie

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  1. Numb3rs: The felame detective played by Sabrina Lloyd. do they check her hair before she goes on the set. Her hair is always a big mess. She always looks like she just rolled out of bed and onto the set. She’s a pretty girl, but they are not doing her any justice but presenting her like that. Her clothes is a mess and her hair is horrible. I hope that next season, they will make her appear better on the screen


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