The Conservative View of Hollywood

I got a laugh out of Vanity Fair columnist James Wolcott’s description of how conservatives view us folks who work in the movie and TV industry:

the liberal radical Jewish homosexual Prius-driving ingrown stem-celled elitists
who look down on average Americans from their windows on David Geffen’s plane.

It came in a blog posting recommending that people read Kung Fu Monkey’s (aka screenwriter John Rogers) ruminations on politics and Hollywood

Having entered Mordor and dined in its commissaries, he is able to relay what
bubbles and festers behind the studio gates. And has little patience with those
who parrot the same old squawks of untruth.

Both Wolcott’s witty post and Kung Fu Monkey’s long essay are worth a read.

7 thoughts on “The Conservative View of Hollywood”

  1. Speaking as one of those midwesterners from his basement (okay, I’m in Michigan, and sometimes we’re called midwestern, but frankly, I’m as close to New York City as I am to Kansas City, and for that matter, I’m as close to New York City as I am to Isle Royale, which is a Michigan island in Lake Superior. I vastly prefer to be considered from the Great Lakes), I really don’t think the movie industry is in a slump because it’s run by inbred stem-cell junkies, or whatever foolish description he used. It’s because, at the moment, Hollywood’s idea of an original idea is a remake of a children’s movie and half a dozen sequels. Besides, as a “midwesterner,” (Michigan has a democratic governor folks!), I’m a knee-jerk, bleeding heart liberal and I have no problem with Hollywood “values” no matter what Michael Medved might say. But I kind of would like to ride in Geffen’s plane.
    Mark Terry

  2. While I wouldn’t go that far, I do think there are lots of people in Hollywood who don’t get us conservatives. Then again, there are times I don’t get liberals.

  3. >>I’m a knee-jerk, bleeding heart liberal and I have no problem with Hollywood “values”.<< Oh please, stop the press, a bleedin' heart liberal has no problem with Hollywood "values". Whatever they are. Oxymoronic. Whatever next? And Mike, ironic is people who earn more in a day, than most earn in a year feeling they "relate" to the folks. They would also be the same people who employ legions of lawyers and accountants to ensure they pay zero tax while shilling for a political party that wants to raise taxes for everyone else.


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