The Dan Brown Effect

The impact of THE DAVINCI CODE is still being felt…now Publishers Lunch reports there’s yet another book trying to cash in on the formula.

Jennifer Carrell’s INTERRED WITH THEIR BONES, a treasure hunt whose clues are
codes and puzzles found in the writings of Shakespeare, to Mitch Hoffman at
Dutton, by Noah Lukeman of Lukeman Literary Management (world).

I think I’m going to write a thriller where the clues are codes and puzzles found in reruns of old 60s sitcoms like GILLIGAN’S ISLAND and MR. ED.  I’ll call it… THE TV GUIDE.

8 thoughts on “The Dan Brown Effect”

  1. I’d buy it.
    Well, no, maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe I’d just review it.
    Or, uh, get it from the library.
    Or listen to the book on tape.
    Or read the Mystery Scene Magazine review of the abridged book on tape…

  2. Actually, there are a lot of nifty variations you could do on that. There was an awful, awful B-movie that took place in the “future” – one of the monster-groups worshipped TVs, and read from the TV guide as their holy scripture.
    But yeah, assuming you could get away with it legally, the idea of encoded messages in the TV guide ain’t a bad one…


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