4 thoughts on “The Dead Letter”

  1. I’m going to buy this book then save it for my trip to Disney World. I’ll either read it on the plane or when I’m waiting in line for rides. I absolutely love reading these books. Thank you so much for writing them. I hope this series goes on for a while.

  2. Just wondering: Does Dick Van Dyke get a cut of these books’ sales? Or just a fee for being on the cover?
    I hope I didn’t come off as too obstreperous about the Murphy’s Law show the other day. I have a bad habit of doing that when I’m disappointed. Thing is, I loved the Trace books and was sorely disappointed to discover that the characterizations that made the books so appealing to me had been dropped for the TV version. I think if the show had been an original idea I would have liked it more. I’ve always been a George Segal fan and the lovely Asian woman (Maggie Han?) was worth watching in any format. And as I recall, the stories were pretty decent. Makes me wonder why they bothered paying a licensing fee if they weren’t going to use the character as he was originally conceived. Not that Murphy’s Law is the first to do that.


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