3 thoughts on “The Ice Harvest”

  1. No studio movie would use the ending of Phillips’ book. I missed it myself. The ending the filmmakers came up with works to the extent that it does because the actors play it beautifully. Then again, I liked KISS KISS BANG BANG, so what do I know?

  2. I understand the ending is a product of unwillingness to reproduce the book and focus group testing.
    Apparently, they filmed ten different endings–literally–and this is the one that got ratings in the 80s. I like the book ending, but I like the movie ending just fine, too. Oliver Platt sends us all out of the theater on a high note.

  3. I liked it, it was kind of laid back, and kept most of the tone of the book (except the ending, of course – why even keep the Winnebago? What’s the point?).
    My only criticism is that John Cusack as Charlie was twice as nice and half as pathetic as in the book.
    On the plus side, Oliver Platt was just hysterical.


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