The Mail I Get…again

I got an email today imploring me to write a SEAQUEST novel….

You should write Seaquest books because they will be HUGELY SUCESSFUL and that will bring back the series for TV or as a movie. They brought back Thunderbirds, why not SeaQuest, only without Darwin, because a talking fish is stupid. If you need blueprints of the SeaQuest, I made some I can send you. I think they should make the Seaquest submarine for real, too. The books could help that happen. Wouldn’t that be GREAT!!!

After reading that, I think I’m gonna do it. Right after I finish writing my MANIMAL novel…

3 thoughts on “The Mail I Get…again”

  1. Please. If I ever become that obsessed a fan, smack me.
    I’m off to hide my Alias DVD’s so I don’t watch them for a while and need to be smacked. 🙂

  2. Mr Golberg. I share that fans enthusiasm of seaQuest, to be pointly blunt, the series wouldnt have went under if you didnt go totally star trek. season three should have been season 2. Yes I understand seaQuest was/is sci fi, but season one and three (minus ET) hit home as a close home to scifi 2018 and 2032 arent far off now, and at the rate of advancement the UEO seaQuest isnt far off. Now many of you and your collegues can insult the show, say whatever, but if it was so worthless why did fan fiction literally boom the series almost 30 years ahead again, pickin up where 2032 left off. Now you can offer me the plans all you want, i taped the episodes and made my own, Hell I made a totally new seaQuest, almost 4000 feet longer then yours and classed it UEA SeaQuest ASV 4600III (Advanced submergence vehicle) and theres the UEO atlantis wich makes both subs look small. i will leave you the url for atlantis. you really should see how the fans have kept seaquest alive. oh and to be honest, If I ever had a chance, slap me for this if you want, I would build the SeaQuest.


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