The Name is Carsone, Johnny Carsone

Update: 4/18/2005

I received a very polite and good-natured email from John Carsone asking me to please remove the correspondence from him that I posted here, since he sent it to me privately.  Just so there’s no confusion in the future, you should all know that any emails I get are fair game for my blog!

26 thoughts on “The Name is Carsone, Johnny Carsone”

  1. Curiousity gets the better of me some times: I visited his web site and I have a question: What’s with all the chainlink fence behind his head? Does it mean something? Should it mean something? I’m sincerely curious.

  2. He’s on the outside trying to get in and with an agent in Toronto it will be a while. At least he’s not wearing shades and has his dog in the picture. I’ve seen that before with people claiming to be repped by ICM.

  3. The chainlink fence thing reminds me of heinous band photos posted for sport in the “Douchebag Hall of Fame” on
    Chainlink comes in third after brick walls and railroad tracks as the preferred poser-band backdrop, if I remember correctly.
    Plus which, this guy can’d spell “Luke.” And I know how very important it is that actors know how to spell.

  4. Am I wrong to say that he looks like a cross between that host of “Survivor” and Robert Staack (spelling?…the host of “Unsolved Mysteries”. Sorry. I’m bored and this is entertaining ;).
    p.s. Granted I’m female, but what the hell does it mean when he says “…on the leading edge of his masculinity…” Talk about an unsolved mystery ;).

  5. He has a nice look, but hardly high-wattage enough to be the next Bond, IMO. That letter is amazing. Unique, even. I, too, am curious about this “leading edge” thing. Does femininity have edges, too?

  6. “I’m a man who operates from his heart, humor, and his purpose.”
    I also operate from my purpose. It’s a special purpose.

  7. I once put a man on the leading egde of his masculinity but it hurt, and he ended up with some scars.
    But there are no words for a man who is more croissant than Burger King. How can anyone dare to cross the croissandwich? Come on… it is a sandwich ON A CROISSANT.
    I think Carsone has gone too far.

  8. Dear Lee:
    I’m kind of short, plump, slow-witted, homely and my feet smell really, really bad. Nonetheless, I was hoping you could secure for me the role of Dr. Jesse Travis on any upsoming made-for-TV movies of Diagnosis Murder.
    Please bear in mind I have no acting ability at all, I live on the East Coast and am unwilling to move, and I don’t get along well with other people.
    Please see what you can do.

  9. This whole exchange is a just a tad mean spirited, don’t you think? Maybe you’ve all been in Hollywood too long. Or perhaps you’ve never done something a little absurd in pursuit of something a little outrageous you had the audicity to hope for?

  10. I have nothing to do with Hollywood… and, if anything, I think it’s not mean-spirited enough! This guy’s a moron. Although he does look a little like Michael Vartan, which would at least raise him a couple notches in my wife’s eyes.

  11. It’s plenty mean-spirited. Anyone who ever attempted to do what this guy has knows all too well. I sure do, but he looks like he’s really grasping at straws here. The town is full of them. You should see Central Casting on visiting day. Now that’s a circus.


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