The NBC Mystery Movie Channel

The Futon Critic reports that NBC/Universal is launching a digital/high-def cable channel called Sleuth that will air "classic" Universal detective shows and movies 24 hours a day. We’re talking shows like COLUMBO, BANACEK, KNIGHTRIDER, IT TAKES A THIEF, HEC RAMSEY, DRAGNET,  ADAM-12, McMILLAN AND WIFE, NAME OF THE GAME, MIAMI VICE and GRIFF, to name a few. The channel will launch in January on the Time Warner cable system.

3 thoughts on “The NBC Mystery Movie Channel”

  1. These do not seem like the classic TV detectives to me. I’d rather see Richard Diamond (with David Janssen and Mary Tyler Moore’s voice and legs), Peter Gunn, Naked City, 87th Precinct, Michael Shayne, 77 Sunset Strip, Checkmate, and Mr. & Mrs. North.


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