The New Face of James Bond

I’ve been reading the James Bond newsgroup, where there’s lots of talk about who will take over the license to kill when Pierce Brosnan turns his in. Hugh Jackman seems to be the big favorite…along with Orlando Bloom, Christian Bale, and Russell Crowe… though I am holding out hope for Clive Owen. He was great in THE CROUPIER and those DRIVER mini-movies from BMW. Perhaps he’ll get noticed in Disney’s KING ARTHUR tentpole this summer.

5 thoughts on “The New Face of James Bond”

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  2. Lee,
    What do you think of the fact Quentin Tarantino really wants to direct the next Bond? He has talked it over with Brosnan, and he loves the idea of remaking “Casino Royale,” maybe co-starring Uma Thurman.

  3. I think Tarantino would do a magnificent job..but I doubt producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will take the risk. They seem to play it safe everytime, director-wise.


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