The Perfect Set-Up for Mystery Novel

The New Yorker reports that the world’s leading Sherlock Holmes scholar, Richard Lancelyn Green, was found dead under "mysterious circumstances."

He had been investigating the whereabouts of an archive of Conan
Doyle’s papers, which he believed had been stolen. At the same time, he
hinted that there had been threats to his life and that he was being
followed; soon afterward, he was found garroted in his room, surrounded
by Sherlock Holmes books and posters, with a cord around his neck.

Now the "subculture" of Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle scholars are trying to deduce how Green was killed.

It’s an odd situation, detective-story enthusiasts
trying to solve a real-life mystery.

Not in TV-Land.  This week, Hallmark starts a new series of TV movies about a mystery bookstore owner who solves murders.

1 thought on “The Perfect Set-Up for Mystery Novel”

  1. That’s also a set up in some books. And don’t forget the classic Murder, She Wrote when discussing ficticious experts solving “real life” crimes on TV.
    Still, this does sound just like a book. I’d be interested to see how it plays out.


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