The Reality-Challenged

So I’m sitting here with my two broken arms, recovering from surgery, and someone emails me a posting from the Pax TV discussion board. There’s a Diagnosis Murder fan who apparently is upset by a link in a posting here to her fanfic website, the one hosting the story in which Steve (the character played by Barry Van Dyke) narrowly avoids anal rape while undercover in prison. She believes the link harms her reputation in some way. So she posted this thoughtful note:
I just went back to check out the status on
According to Valerie, Lee broke both his arms, I hope he gets well soon (and I mean that! I don’t kid about other folks’ misery.)
Given those facts I’m willing to give him a few days to remove the link.
I’m sure that he will find a way to show some fair action, that is AFTER he’s had surgery on the one arm. Fair is fair!
N.S.D.!!! – Nie pleuje!
Astonishing, isn’t it?
Naturally, since I heard about this, it’s become my top priority. Nothing matters more to me in life. Which is why I intend to do absolutely nothing about it.
If you were me, how would you deal with people like this?

7 thoughts on “The Reality-Challenged”

  1. Hi Lee,
    the best thing to handle this situation is just to do nothing!! The more you write about and this person read it, the more she gets the attention she wants to have. So I would do nothing – just ignore such silly people.

  2. Lee, do you know how lucky you are to have anyone care what you think or do? Remember you gotta take the good with the bad. I’d love to have some fans, good or bad.
    hand in there. (Pun intended.)

  3. I’d most likely point and laugh. Most people want you to post their links. How else are people going to discover their small area of the internet?


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