The Revered, Rep Level SeaQuest Writer

I got two emails today from SeaQuest fans.

One email invited me to share my memories of Jonathan Brandis as part of an online fan memorial.  I’m afraid I don’t have any special memories to share.  I didn’t know Jonthan well, though in my few encounters with him he always struck me as a bright, friendly, serious young man. I thought he’d go far as an actor and I was saddened to learn of his suicide.

The other email directed me to a  SeaQuest fan blog posting that the sender felt "defines a Talifan."

I really can’t stand new people who enter my fandom for the first time,
"debuting" as though they’re already a well-known and respect author
like Chance, Diena Taylor or Rachel Brody.. or sometimes they even act
as though they’re Lee Goldberg.

Especially because usually, they
really haven’t been paying much attention to what has actually been
going on in the fandom for the last, oh, ten years. They don’t know
what fiction has been written, what developments have been made, who
the people are, any of the ways we interact.. It’s all "Tah dah! I am
your quasi-proffessional seaquest epic writer. My episodes are of
exceptional quality due to my experience. Aren’t you people lucky?"

no.. actually I feel patronised and I since I honestly believe I’ve
been around longer than you, I feel like a six year old who’s just
started playing a sport I’ve been playing for years is coming on the
feild and give me ‘tips’, as though they’re at rep level.

these people will miss out on what they could have learned from us, and
a lot of other things you can enjoy in the SeaQuest fandom without
putting yourself out as an author who is already revered.

There are SeaQuest fanfic writers who not only have reached "rep level," but are actually  "revered?" Wow. Who knew? Though I can’t imagine why anyone would aspire to be a "quasi-professional SeaQuest epic writer."

2 thoughts on “The Revered, Rep Level SeaQuest Writer”

  1. Omg! That’s my post! That’s so awesome! Hehe πŸ˜›
    There are SeaQuest fanfic writers who not only have reached who not only have reached “rep level,”
    Hehe, the “rep level” comment was an analogy related to sport πŸ˜‰ My comments were, “as though, they’re playing at rep level”. I was giving an analogy for fanfic authors, who act as though they are more than just.. well, fanfic authors.
    Isn’t that one of the problems you yourself have with fanfiction? Maybe not.. *shrugs* you got me!
    So no, there are no SeaQuest fanfic writers who have reached “rep level”.
    but are actually “revered?” Wow. Who knew?
    LOL. Is that a serious question? Okay – it’s a hobby. It’s like any other a social group or community – there are people who’ve been around so long that other members develop respect for them. It happens absolutely everywhere!
    Rachel used to write in script format, so, a lot of new people who come into the fandom thought that she was an actual writer for the show – so yeah, she is “revered”. I’d be glad to send you some of her stuff if you’re interested.
    Though I can’t imagine why anyone would aspire to be a “quasi-professional SeaQuest epic writer.”
    Thank you! Neither can I! Mostly because, I was uh, being facetious when I used that phrase. Cool phrase, hey? It’s ridiculous, don’t you reckon? As if you’d come into a fandom, as a fanfic writer, and act as though you are a professional…
    As for the Talifan, that’s kind of cute actually. I’m not going to bother defending it (it was probably the people that I was actually referring to anyway!) If people want to think I’m over the top because I think it’s ridiculous that someone would want to make out that their silly hobby is actually something they can put on their resume.. Pffff, I’m a “Talifan” then πŸ˜›

  2. Writing fan fic is a fun hobby, but I can’t even imagine what the professional writers in the biz think of it. I imagine their opinions run the spectrum. I’d love to read some posts on the subject. I’ve written sQ fanfic. I think its pretty good and so do the readers who have reviwed it. But I’d rather write an original script that I can sell to a studio. And I have – well, written a screenplay, that is. Finding an agent to rep you, well, that’s a bit more difficult.


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