The Sentinel

TVShowsOnDVD reports that the first season of THE SENTINEL is coming to DVD (that’s the show about the cop with psychic powers) and that the third season boxed set of MURDER SHE WROTE (that’s the show about the elderly mystery author with hundreds of relatives, all of whom get murdered) will include the cross-over episode with MAGNUM PI (that’s the show about the private eye in Hawaii who lives on an estate owned by a reclusive mystery author).

2 thoughts on “The Sentinel”

  1. Lee,
    Not psychic powers at all. Jim Ellison had highly developed senses, although, yes there was some mysticism mixed into the pot (spirit animals et cetera). The dvds are being anticipated with much relish by the fandom.
    On another note – have you watched HUSTLE (BBC) yet?
    Happy Holidays!


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