The Single Greatest Idea for a TV Series EVER!

I got this email from Dan yesterday:

Lee, I just came across your blog.  I know you are a busy person so I will keep
this short and sweet…


1. Perhpas it wouldn’t be with google, but google is so hot, you
would think they would be interested in this
2. Essentially, this idea would
be an interactive tv gameshow/reality gameshow
3. People can play along
online for prizes
4. We would add a reality portion to this game show with
contests extending weeks at a time

(I would hope to create a little
craze like Millionaire/Reality TV Shows…even though they are on the down

These points don’t explain much…but from what you heard, does
this sound intriguing?

That is a brilliant idea for a show, Dan.  So innovative, fresh and unique. It’s got incredible potential.  It’s even better than my great TV show idea:

IDEA: MURDER COPS  (I registered the idea with the WGA).

1) It’s about two homicide detectives who are very different from each other.  (This could be in any city…though NY and Las Vegas are getting kind of overdone).
2) They solve really puzzling murders ala CSI and BLUE’S CLUES.
3) The stories are very twisty and clever.
4) It’s shot in a cool and innovative way with lots of style.
4) I see a big TV star like David Duchovny in one of the parts, maybe Beyonce, too.

(I would hope to turn it into a successful franchise like CSI or LAW & ORDER…even though there are, like, three each of those shows already).

Dan goes on to ask:

Any quick ideas on how a treatment should be written for a show like this?

Yes, Dan, I have a few. In general, it’s nice to actually have a series concept in mind before writing a treatment. Unfortunately, you don’t have a concept. You barely even have an idea.  You’d like to do a game show that people at home can play along with and that is tied in some way to Google. Come to think of it, that’s not even substantial enough to qualify as a notion.

Secondly, you may own the domain "Google Gameshow," but I suspect you don’t own Google. It’s not wise to try and sell an idea that’s based on an underlying property or trademark you don’t actually own.

Third, you obviously have no experience as a TV writer or producer,  so I doubt anyone would be interested in seriously considering your idea.

Fourth, why are you asking me about a gameshow treatment? I have never written or produced a gameshow. How would I know the answer to your question?

Fifth, if  you have an idea for a TV show, it’s probably not wise to email other writers about it, especially those with blogs who regularly ridicule complete strangers who email them their ideas for TV shows.

7 thoughts on “The Single Greatest Idea for a TV Series EVER!”

  1. I’m beginning to think the would-be writers who e-mail you for advice are like those poor souls who call Dr. Laura to ask advice on how to raise a child in a mixed-faith marriage, or with complaints about their live-in lover.

  2. I love the “Murder Corps” idea, and would like to buy it.
    But instead of homicide detectives, let’s make it two teenage girls who live near a beach and like to surf. Then instead of solving crimes, they can be looking for love, and for self-awareness, and for the meaning of life. We’ll change the name to “Bikini Corps.”
    We can keep the twisty and clever stories, and the lots of style.
    Also, one of their friends can be a talking dolphin. We can get David Duchovney to voice over.
    Also, I just stole your idea without paying for it, and you get no producer credit.

  3. “They solve really puzzling murders ala CSI and BLUE’S CLUES.”
    I’ve seen a few episodes of “Blue’s Clues” (my nephews are fans) but I somehow missed the ones where Steve solves really puzzling murders.


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