The Storm over Quiet Storm

Yet another print-on-demand press has abruptly folded. The latest casualty appears to be Quiet Storm which, according to several outraged authors, has suddenly stopped delivering pre-paid orders for books, paying royalties and answering inquiries.

This leaves authors with books in the Quiet Storm pipeline in limbo, unsure if or when they will get the rights to their unpublished manuscripts back. This is an awful situation to be in — sadly, I know from personal experience when, twenty years ago, the original incarnation of Pinnacle Books went under, taking my royalties and one unpublished manuscript down with them.

I feel terrible for these authors, many of whom are friends of mine, but their unfortunate plight should be a warning to anyone still considering getting into business with a so-called P.O.D. "publisher" (especially those that began as a vanity enterprise for the  "editor/publisher" which, in the case of Quiet Storm, was author Clint Gaige). Most of these are shaky operations at best, with little or no retail distribution.

If you’re considering signing with a P.O.D. press:  reconsider.

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  1. A Writers Life: The Storm over Quiet Storm

    A Writers Life: The Storm over Quiet Storm
    If youre considering signing with a P.O.D. press: reconsider.
    Lee Goldberg highlights what maybe an interesting problem. Read the post to find out more.

  2. When I saw your article about Quiet Storm, I immediately wrote my friend and colleague Jim Winter to tell him “we made Lee’s blog!”
    I quickly informed Jim that I was “several” and he was “outraged.”
    Thanks for thinking about us, and keep reminding authors to protect themselves and their rights.


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