The Wild West

If you think Spongebob Squarepants promotes a gay agenda, James Wolcott reports you’ll be positively terrified by the old western series on the GoodLife TV Network.

Bronco, starring Ty Hardin. Bronco. Ty. You tell me those aren’t gay-sounding names. Then there’s Sugarfoot,
starring Will Hutchins. Sugarfoot–another name that sounds awfully fey
to me. In the title song, he’s described as "easy lopin’" (the
sagebrush version of crusing), and joggin’ along "with a heart full of
song." Show tunes, no doubt. Cheyenne,
starring Clint Walker, whose title tune asks the haunting musical
question, "Cheyenne, Cheyenne where will you be camping tonight?"
Camping, indeed! The song has him dreaming "of a girl you may never
love," and I think I know why he may never love her, and why he needs
to go "camping."

3 thoughts on “The Wild West”

  1. And what about James T. West and Artemus Gordon? Come on, two bachelors riding around the country on their own fancy private train? If I remember correctly, some of it was lined with velvet, and they sure did drink a lot, so something must have happened.
    Maybe “Wild, Wild West” was more a description of the lead character and not the place the show was set.


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