Another Man’s Moccasins

There's more at work in Another Man's Moccasins than a compelling mystery. Craig Johnson has crafted a deeply affecting story about people shaped by their pasts, seeking escape, redemption or reconciliation…and the high price they must pay in blood, tears, and sacrificed dreams to achieve it. Johnson's lean prose is deceptively powerful, haunting you like the ghosts that follow Walt Longmire in this tragic and redemptive tale of longing, loss and responsibility.

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  1. Craig Johnson may well be the brightest comet in the heavens. He is a man of warmth and understanding, and knows human nature as well as anyone could. His publishers have him on a 30-odd city tour now, and are backing him to the hilt. He’s a former NYC cop who is familiar with tragedy, which is why his stories are so tender. The Johnsons are frequent guests of my wife, Sue, an English professor who lives in Billings. (I live in Livingston and we commute or rendezvous.) Best of all, Craig is having a joyous time writing for a living. He has some movie deals going, and it is a sure thing you’ll be seeing those stories on the screen soon.


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