They’ll Put Any Shows on DVD…Except Mine!

According to DVD Exclusive Magazine, upcoming TV shows being released on DVD this month include:

ADAM-12: The Complete First Season (we know how much America has been clamoring for that!)
McCLOUD: Seasons One and Two (The McCloud convention-goers will be thrilled)
PROFIT:The Complete Series
UNDECLARED: The Complete Series
BLISS: The Complete First Season Uncut
HOUSE MD: The Complete First Season
THE MIND OF THE MARRIED MAN: The Complete First Season (I couldn’t finish the complete first episode)
ROSEANNE: The Complete First Season
LOST: The Complete First Season

6 thoughts on “They’ll Put Any Shows on DVD…Except Mine!”

  1. I don’t quite understand your point. These are mostly strong shows with A list talent. PROFIT was the joyously strange short-lived series starring Adrian Pasdar. The underated UNDECLARED is from Judd Apatow who brought us the legendary FREAKS AND GEEKS. The rest are obvious choices. Hugely successful shows. The only show I didn’t care for on this list was MIND OF THE MARRIED MAN, but it was on HBO and many loved it. BLISS is the only show I’m not familiar with.


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