This has to be a prank…

…otherwise it’s just too pathetic.

Jan alerted me to this. Someone is selling his novel on ebay to any author, that’s right author, who wants a story to tell…starting bid, $100,000. (Click on the photographs at the left to see a sample of his writing and the cover of his manuscript).

My name is Daniel Rice. I live in Dudley Massachusetts. I am a first time writer and have two more chapters to go, to complete my story. It’s fiction, a coming of age story that would be most enjoyed by adults. It’s a fascinating read that I had a couple of english teachers read themselves, telling me that they could not put my book down after the first chapter. It’s filled with suspense, along with fear and anxiety. The story focuses on three 10 year old children, two girls and one boy. The story also focuses in on one of the father’s dealing with nightmares, which are somehow linked to his childhood, past. Everything comes to an end with a absolution and a twist, making sense in a reality way.


Let me also assure you that this is a story that is fully typed and formatted for print and will probably add up to 450 pages, or so. I also had my family and a couple of english professors read my manuscript, all of them giving me thumbs up on the fascinating thought processing fiction, I put into this

I am throwing out there anyway, to any well known writer that can profit from this! For J.K. Rawlings or Stephen King to buy my manuscript and put there name on it, they can’t lose and neither can I. 150,000 dollars can sure help my family get me out of this apartment we have been living in for 9 years and finally get a house for my three children. A well known author can put my book in print and make over 2 million dollars with ease! We both win this way!


This is a serious book, one to be reconcile with. It’s emotional and heartfelt story that entertains from beginning, to end. If interested in buying my manuscript and of course if you are, you probably want to read it first, I will give you my address so you can come over and read it for yourself, or I can come to you with the manuscript, so you can read it.

8 thoughts on “This has to be a prank…”

  1. This sounds to me more like something out of a Stephen King novel.
    “…so you can come over and read it for yourself, or I can come to you with the manuscript…”
    Some nutcase who starts to repeat “I’m your number 1 fan” when you knock on the door?

  2. Well, Lee, if you decide to snap this up, I feel I deserve a cut of that over two million dollars you will make with ease.
    And do you suppose Shelly will have this guy for a signing? After all, he had the guy who tried to auction himself and his family on ebay.

  3. I just want to say, my family gives the “thumbs up” to my scribblings also. I’m sure that’s all the convincing you need…

  4. Jim,
    I don’t know how his pathetic ebay listing benefits a vanity press… he mentions, without naming the company, that he could pay $700 to self-publish, but that won’t give him the payday he wants, needs, and believes he deserves for his brilliant prose.
    My brother, as a lark, auction off his dirty underwear on ebay… and he got bids.

  5. UPDATE : He lowered his price from $150,000 to $125,000… and even typed up the cover (scrapping that snazzy handwritten one), and yet, inexplicably, he still hasn’t been able to sell his book to a “Well Known Author.”


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