This is a great time to be alive if you are a TV Geek Like me

TVShowsOnDVD reports that the complete series of the 70s sitcom BRIDGET LOVES BIRNEY is being released on DVD in September for $29.95. Then again, the complete series of ROAR, BOOK OF DANIEL, and COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF are coming out, too… so it’s clear this whole TV Shows on DVD business makes no sense at all. But it gives me hope that such forgotten classics as, ahem, SHE-WOLF OF LONDON and MURPHY’S LAW will some day show up on the shelves at Best Buy.

7 thoughts on “This is a great time to be alive if you are a TV Geek Like me”

  1. Not to be to punny but, Thank Heaven “The Book of Daniel” is coming to DVD! Now my wife might allow me to just delete that show from the TIVO.

  2. I wonder if I’m a throwback or a pioneer – we don’t have any television at our house other than DVD. We still watch several hours a week, but it’s all from Amazon. Surprisingly, it’s cheaper than cable or satellite (there’s less really good stuff out there than you’d think), and there are no commercials. As broadband builds bigger and bigger pipes, will everyone start buying their TV a la carte, and if so, how long before we start seeing Video-On-Demand “producers” offering to package your homemade sitcom for you?
    “You’ll be a star! Aaron Spelling sold his first series out of the trunk of his car for three years before he made it big! The “major studios” just don’t want to take a chance on material as original as yours. That’s right, just sign the check, and we’ll get started. You look familiar…did we meet back when I worked for Publish America?”


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