This is Why Producers Like Shooting TV Shows in Canada

The Drake Hotel in Toronto will start offering sex toys on the room service menu, according to USA Today. Vibrators, massage oils, condoms, velvet restraints and how-to videos can be sent up the guests. The “pleasure kits” start at $35.

The 19 room Drake is a boutique hotel that attracts artists and actors. The aim is service that complements the hotel’s artsy image.

“We see ourselves as a bit of a trailblazer,” owner Jeff Stober says. The racy room service menu, which arrives next month, is “in keeping with the theme of sex that has always played a role in artistic works. We are embracing that artistic spirit.”

Actual embraces will cost extra.

They aren’t the only Toronto hotel that’s added sex-centives. The Grand Hotel, where our MISSING directors like to stay, provides two channels of free, 24-hour porn, for their guests (for the record, I stay at the Cambridge Suites, which offers no such goodies).

If Governor Arnold wants to keep movie production in California, he can forget about tax incentives and renegotiating with unions. Free vibrators for every member of the film crew! Sexual surrogates sent to the door of every screenwriter faced with a production rewrite!

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  1. LOL! Oh my goodness, Lee! I *KNEW* there was a reason I liked Toronto! Kidding! Not that I’m *really* in to something like that I guess I’ll just have to check out the links to find out more just for a little humour. That’s just too funny. One would certainly hope that it’s all disposable! Yikes!
    Just got back from your neck of the woods where I spent a week in L.A. for the auction. The auction itself went pretty well and had lots of fun. Maybe next time we can hook-up and share all of these interesting posts you put out. You can find out more by going to my blog to read a fragmented version of what went on. My memory is still somewhat fragmented because we were all so busy!
    Hope you’re doing well and when is that surgery scheduled?


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