Tod on Rains on Rainbow Party

My brother Tod reviews the controversial book RAINBOW PARTY in this month’s issue of Las Vegas City Life. 

The problem, however, is that Rainbow Party isn’t actually scandalous or graphic…In another time, Rainbow Party might have been a "very special" episode of "The Facts Of Life," replete with a nice moralizing sermon by Mrs. Garrett. It’s harmless in a disappointing way — there’s no sense of the very real pressures young people face regarding sexuality — but it is the controversy generated by the parents that is truly troubling, especially when one considers the ultimate message of the book: Practice abstinence. Of course, those cloistered and closed-minded enough to demand the book be banned have already spoken to this.

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  1. The most intriguing thing about Tod’s post is the return of Tono the Tiger, or, as he likes to think of himself, the writer Phillip Roth wishes he could be.
    (If Roth is reading this, I hope he’s laughing hysterically at it.)


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