Touched by a Blog

The multi-talented Bryce Zabel has felt the viral force of the blogosphere to rapidly spread information…or he’s felt the awesome power of STAR TREK. You decide. A funny thing happened after he posted his rejected STAR TREK REBOOTED treatment

this blog averages only about 100 hits a day[…] These
are distinct "visits" from unique people and not just "page views" (we
get about 180 of those).
Yesterday, "For What It’s Worth" received 8,758 hits.

4 thoughts on “Touched by a Blog”

  1. So all I need to do to increase traffic is write an all-encompassing re-imagining of the Star Trek universe?
    Yes! But make sure you include your concept of a different type of engineer (“We’ll make Scotty a… a… a female! That’ll mix things up!!”) And definitely include your series quest to “Find out about the mysterious (Vorlons, er, Ancients, er, Super Powerful Aliens-to-be-named-later)” and use that quest as a series “McGuffin”, because you know, that really needed to be fleshed out better in Babylon 5 and this time you promise you won’t screw it up.


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