Trouble with Mr. Monk in Trouble

I have heard from dozens of readers today that there are some blank pages in some copies of the paperback edition of MR. MONK IN TROUBLE. So I ran out to my local B&N and, sure enough, the copies I saw were partially blank on the copyright page, and pages 9, 20, and 33. Before you buy the book, be sure to double-check and make sure you don't have those blank pages! 

I have alerted my publisher, so hopefully they can recall those bad copies and get new ones out to the affected stores right away.

2 thoughts on “Trouble with Mr. Monk in Trouble”

  1. An unrelated issue: The Kindle text of Mr. Monk in Trouble opens on the first chapter rather than the prologue. I happened to see the prologue anyway, but it was pure luck.
    I finished Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop the other day and will post a review on when I can, but in short I loved it. I hope you never stop writing these.

  2. Hi Lee, I have a question to you : Will the next Monk novels follow the story of the last TV show episodes and integrate Molly ?
    It would be great !
    Sorry if my english is bad, I speak french and hebrew but not english very well !
    Bye, Glenn


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