5 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week”

  1. I never missed an episode, my girl crush was for Mark Lenard, not Bobby Sherman! But just TRY to find pics of Lenard in “16 Magazine.” Grr.
    Some points went to Brown and Soul, but only because they’d been on Star Trek once. Lenard had been on twice and outranked them. Besides. He had that VOICE.
    Loved seeing adorable Joan Blondell adding zest, class, and energy to things.
    But even then I winced over some of the scripts. Not all, just some. I was outgrowing their target audience!

  2. I recall that one of Pocket Books’ Star Trek tie-in novels featured a HCTB/Trek cross-over — apparently based on Mark Lenard having played Sarek in Trek.


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