3 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week”

  1. Wow, I saw every episode of this when it was on the air. I loved it when I ws under 10 though I doubt it holds up at all. I bet “Quark” looks pretty bad now too.

  2. Oddly enough, I remember this one when it was on. I got into an argument in the third grade over how to pronounce Dick Gautier’s name. (Another kid swore it was “Dick Guitar.” Had we known that was a really great porn name…)
    Last time I heard about it was as a footnote to the release of Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

  3. As I recall, this was one of the few shows that was killed by rave reviews.
    Every critic who saw the pilot loved it so much that they gave away all the good jokes in their pre-reviews.
    The problem with that was when the show finally got on the air, we’d all already heard the jokes; the element of surprise was lost, and the show played as kind of a a bore.
    In a way, it’s like beginning the review of a mystery by telling the big twist ending. You’ve basically been saved the trouble of reading/watching. Dumb … and how many major critics have done exactly this for years?


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