2 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week – Canadian Edition”

  1. Thanks for the notice of a new Canadian series.
    But it’s pretty obvious from this lead-in that there is no focus for this show. There is no answer to the question, “What is this show about?” Or, even, “Who is this show about?” There is a catchy sound-track, and some awesome shots from the air of the surrounding country-side, but what’s the hook? There isn’t one. So why watch the show? If a person did watch the show, what would he or she be watching for?
    Alas, this is the problem of Canadian TV, and of Canadian society–there’s no life-or-death about it. One day merges into another. Nothing changes or advances. There’s nothing to fight for. And so, we watch real TV, which is American TV. It’s the stuff of life. I sincerely hope “Arctic Air” finds its way to success, but I’m watching “The Mentalist” and “30 Rock” and “The Celebrity Apprentice” in the meanwhile.

  2. Do you know the name of the Robert Culp movie re. csts mentioned in the first Monk book”Goes to the Firehouse”? It sounds like a tv movie I saw years ago & I really liked it. Thanks


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