3 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week – Special Edition”

  1. While I appreciate that Mason is a literary character who existed long before Raymond Burr gave him a face, I can’t imagine audiences accepting this rail-thin gentleman as Mason while Burr was still alive. Or afterward. Res ipse loquitur.

  2. The show was actually well-cast. I believe what killed the show was a) doing it too soon after the demise of the original b) not using the original, and iconic, PERRY MASON theme c) astonishingly cheap production values and d)chronically limp story-telling, even though they used many of the same writers from the original series.

  3. Seeing this clip reminded me of something I’d noticed at the time – but apparently nobody else did.
    Did you all see how, when Markham/Mason goes to the office window at the end, it’s clearly night outside – and then suddenly it’s bright daylight?
    You don’t suppose that this was the producers’s way of saying that Perry Mason was some kind of God … at least legally speaking?
    For whatever it’s worth, I kind of liked this series.
    I thought at the time that CBS bailed on it too early, and given time it might have found its own way.
    I guess I’m the merciful type (but remember, this was when a network show would get at least 13 weeks to try and build something).
    The preent rules, which cut a show off if it isn’t an immediate hit, I don’t care for at all.
    But then, I don’t think anybody who comes here feels that way, do they?


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