TV Main Title of the Week – Special Five-O Edition

Here are the main titles to the new HAWAII FIVE-O.  Double click on the image to get the full-screen view.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the main title from the last HAWAII FIVE-O remake that CBS tried over ten years ago

And, for fun, here’s Sammy Davis Jr. singing the FIVE-O theme.

10 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week – Special Five-O Edition”

  1. I like that they didn’t go overboard remixing the theme. It sounds just slightly faster than the original. I’ve had a hard time believing Alex O’Loughlin in any of the recent roles he’s had (MOONLIGHT, THREE RIVERS), but I might buy into the rest of the show.

  2. I’m with Gerald. I’m deeply skeptical of this remake, but I’m glad they paid hommage to both the iconic opening and the iconic theme.
    I’m wondering now which of the other actors fill the Kono and Chin Ho roles.

  3. She certainly is kicking ass in that montage (names optional), but will she be called upon to break down doors as Kono was?
    Well, a much sharper montage than the older remake, but at least that revival did away with the foolishness of anyone wearing a suit in Hawaii on non-formal occasions, and that includes office-workers even in the gummint.

  4. Mike,
    The Ventures didn’t come up with the HAWAII FIVE-O theme…they did a cover version. The theme was written by Morton Stevens…who also was Sammy Davis Jr’s arranger, which is probably how the atrocious vocal version came about. Stevens also did the themes for POLICE WOMAN, MATT HELM, THE YOUNG LAWYERS and a number of other series.

  5. Personally, i think you could have written and produced a new version in the spirit of the original.
    Martial Law did well and i always felt had some of the Five-O elements.


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