1 thought on “TV Main Title of the Week – Special Government Bail Out Edition”

  1. You have GOT to stop posting these. The flashbacks to my childhood are getting between me and my daily writing output.
    And yes, I used to skip around the house singing that song. Thankfully video cameras as we know them now did not exist for parents to record future blackmail material.
    But for you, Lee, a poem. You’ve only yourself to blame.
    Phyllis Diller, you’re the best,
    I think you are a hoot.
    To be like you I’d wear a housecoat
    And of course, Mom’s ankle boots.
    Some women actually wore such things,
    Yes, they wore that stuff for real.
    So I would be like you, dear Phyllis,
    Since I’d never be Mrs. Peel.


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