TV According to Javi

"All writing for television is pretty much excruciating because I think most of us would much rather be  sitting at home googling ourselves all day than actually writing." 

"It’s very tedious being a writer on the set because all you’re doing is sitting around waiting for someone to hate something. It’s like sitting there with your fire extinquisher waiting for the fire. It’s not fun."

That’s some of the knowledge and truths that my friend Javi, Emmy-award winning supervising producer of LOST imparts in a wide-ranging, informative and very, very entertaining Q&A about TV writing at the University of Michigan. You can watch it for yourself here.

2 thoughts on “TV According to Javi”

  1. Hmm, interesting. I totally googled myself about 20 minutes ago, and I have about 40 pages of my screenplay to write by tomorrow. Yet another all-nighter! Ahhh, the life of a screenwriter…thanks for the comment, Lee! Keep me up anytime!!


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