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  1. A forgotten classic that was genuinely ahead of its time. All those years ago, and I recently read that the original plot for the series was that “Michael Alden” was indeed a Secret Agent….for RUSSIA. He was in the U.S. as a mole, waiting to be triggered into subversive action. Had the series continued, it would have been interesting to see if they kept that plot device, or if, after his experiences in America, “Alden” defected. Alas, we’ll never know.
    BUT….I’ve still got my 45 of Lenny Bruce’s theme song…:)

  2. Mr. Gischler:
    No, you can’t. Or, yes, you could, but it wouldn’t be effective.
    A silencer (many people prefer to call them “suppressors”) works by capturing and dispersing the hot gasses coming out of the barrel of a gun. In a revolver, though, there’s a gap between the revolver’s cylinder and the barrel: the gasses will just end up coming out of that gap, instead of going through the suppressor.
    Here’s a good link:

  3. Holy crap, I *really* need to have some coffee before I post.
    It’s Lenny WELCH, not Lenny Bruce.
    Chris, thanks for the clarification. I clearly remember watching CB, but the details are very fuzzy after all these years.


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