We Ho

"We Ho" is probably an apt way to describe what we Goldberg siblings do to sell our books but, in this case, Weho refers to the West Hollywood Book Fair, which we attended last Sunday. Mark Sarvas over at the Elegant Variation took the photo on the left and writes about his favorite panels of the day. That’s me, Karen, Stacy Bierlein (moderator), Tod, and Linda. You can click on the image to get a large image and see all of my chins.

1 thought on “We Ho”

  1. Sorry I missed it. I planned on coming by and saying hi to you and your brother (since I read and post on your blogs regularly) but some other stuff came up and I didn’t get there ’til 3 PM.
    By then, it was already so hot out and my feet hurt from the day’s earlier adventures, and I ended up leaving at 3:45 PM without even buying anything. Ugh. Maybe next year.


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