Website as Pitching Tool

A number of people have alerted me to this news: a guy created a website to pitch his movie… and it worked. LAObserved has the story.

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer set up a
website called The Dionaea House
last year and posted a series of correspondence between characters in his horror
screenplay. After all, if the Internet is there, why not exploit it to create
some buzz? The site got a ton of hits. Tomorrow’s Hollywood
says the website helped "build the mythology" of the project — and
Warner Bros. Pictures picked it up for David Heyman to produce at Heyday Films.

2 thoughts on “Website as Pitching Tool”

  1. It’s true that the website helped create some buzz, but Eric’s a friend, and having read the script, I think I can say safely it was the script that sold the script, rather than the site.


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