What Do You Want From Me?

Over the last 24 hours, thirty people have run searches for "Lee Goldberg" on various search engines that have brought them here, looking for…what? Why the sudden interest in me? Is it me you’re looking for or  him? If you’re one of those explorers in search of "Lee Goldberg," please tell me what your interest in me is…or in someone else with my name. I’m dying of curiosity…

7 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?”

  1. Going a bit paranoid, eh, Lee? How long do these people spend clicking around your site? Do they come, read who you are, and then continue on their merry way? Or do they stick around, and read page after page, sucking in the wealth of information you have provided?
    In which case, what the hell do you people want with Mr. Goldberg?

  2. I sometimes come here to read this blog to read about your insightful criticisms of Internet fanfic, which is an important cyber-ethics issue for me. I know the URL here so I don’t have to Google “Lee Goldberg” anymore.

  3. Lee is pretty well known for his hostility to (1) self publishing and (2) fan fiction. I think he’s probably right on both counts, but taking strong positions like that will give you a reputation, good or bad.
    Whenever I mention his name to someone, that’s the first reaction — he’s that guy “who hates fan fic” or “bashes self-publishing”
    Lynn Viehl just made a joke about him on her website.
    But that’s okay. I like Lee. I’d like to buy his Badge book, but it’s not available on Amazon yet.

  4. We want your plotbunnies and Dick VanDyke’s phone number.
    Or we’ll write cross-over fanfic between SeaQuest and Nero Wolfe and get PublishAmerica to print it.
    Then we’ll send you an autographed copy!
    *insert evil maniacal laugh here*

  5. I google you occasionally to see what you’re saying about fanfiction and the law. I think you’re a dickhead, but you are a good source of amusement, and that’s your job, so, good work.
    I heard of you (and fanfic) through an acquaintance that plays sport for the same club as I do (that’s via word of actual mouth, not online).
    Apparently the odd person comes to visit here to keep updated on what weird porn you’re doing searches for and actually reading. And they tell all their friends in real life and online, people make jokes about you or bitch about you, and then someone wants to find out who you are 🙂


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