What Sunk SeaQuest?

Seaquest2032_a_1Media critic Herbie J. Pilato, author of books about the TV series KUNG FU and BEWITCHED,  does a very good job dissecting what went wrong with SEAQUEST. In short, just about everything:

The changes were manic. Too much to swallow. SeaQuest suffocated in a sea of too
many ideas. Too many DeLouises from one Dom. It reached for whatever might keep
it above water. It’s like someone unplugged the cork at the center of the sub.
It sunk. No one paid attention to the simplest, yet most essential answer: they
should have bailed out, as soon as possible.

"SeaQuest will not be remembered as a television classic," Goldberg concludes
" It will be
remembered technically as a ground-breaking show for computer animation, and
creatively as a hugely expensive mistake."

1 thought on “What Sunk SeaQuest?”

  1. I remember watching SeaQuest DSV and trying to figure out what this bland drama could do to keep me interested. Not much. One critic dismissed it as “Das Bomb.” I remember the promos more than anything, and each one smacked of a desperate plea of “Please, watch!” Sorry I missed the giant shark episode. SeaQuest v Bruce, now that’s a gimmick.
    I tuned in for the third season because I am a big Michael Ironside fan (have been since his appearance in Cronenberg’s Scanners) and I was curious about the show’s ‘harsher’ tone. “Give us three episodes,” Ironside told TV Guide. So I tried. Man, there should have been at least one episode where Ironside scowled at somebody, making that person’s head explode from the force of his rage power.


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