What the Heck Is She Talking About??

I got this email today…

Are you the director of one on one? If so reply to XYZ  my email adress because I have good ideas, and if I gave you these ideas I would want be on the show. If so I would need you to send me 4 tickets to one on one, I think in California. And I would be on the new season in summer. If you write back you can send the questions and I will fill them and I’m asking you to take me very seriously. I really want this and need this. I know I could make the show even better than it is. And if your not the director and you know him or her  please send this to him or her. I know your a very inportant man so please take the time to read this and help me out.

I have no idea who this woman is confusing me with or what the show is
that she is talking about. But I thought the note would amuse you…


14 thoughts on “What the Heck Is She Talking About??”

  1. At least she told you that you were “inportant.” Last bizarre email I got demanded I stop saying an author I interviewed put his kids through college.
    No. Really. It was my fault the author in question said it.
    So, Tod, how do you politely say “F*** off!” ‘cuz I don’t think I did that so well.

  2. I had no idea you were the director of one on one. Now that it’s public knowledge, can I get a writer’s bible?

  3. Whooo Hoooo!
    Pretty colors. Pretty colors. I like to see pretty colors.
    I like to right. I good righter. You give me candy I right for you.
    Sorry, Lee. Couldn’t help myself.

  4. Hasn’t a show called “One on One” been off the air for years?
    Ok, so she wants to be on the show. If that’s how it works, I’ll start e-mailing the directors of Alias and Monk. If they’re still filming Lost in Hawaii, that would be fun, too.
    But why does she need four tickets to come out to Hollywood to be in a show? Just who is she bringing with her?

  5. ok, who the ‘eck watches UPN? The only good show is Veronica Mars (Yeah K-Bell!)
    I’m sorry but the show looks stupid…

  6. Do you ever wonder how people like this make it through the day?
    What must it be like inside her poor, befuddled brain? I’d love to get a transcript of a 15-minute stream of consciousness.

  7. That’s, it. Thanks Jason. I used to watch two shows on that network, so I knew I’d heard the name before. Now I’m down to one (yeah Enterprise being canceled! I’m so with ya on Veronica Mars.)


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