What Would You Pay For An Authentic Shelf from Diagnosis Murder?

Today I received this email:

I was a security guard at the hospital they were
shooting "Diagnose Murder,"  back in 1994 in Denver, Colorado. One night
they threw a bunch of set props away, ex: the gift shop shelves, or some glass
shelving; lamps and paintings. Is there any way to authenticate them? Or, are
they worth anything to anybody? Thank you.

You dug all that crap out of a dumpster and kept it for ten years? Why, man, why? I hate to break it to you, but nobody is going to care about a gift shop shelf from a DIAGNOSIS MURDER episode. Nor would there be any way to authenticate it. ..and even if you could, who would want an authentic shelf from a DIAGNOSIS MURDER episode?

Perhaps if what you’d found was, say, Dr. Mark Sloan’s lab coat, you might be able to sell it to some fan for $20.  But a shelf? A lamp? It’s not like we’re talking about Mr. Spock’s Tricorder, The Batmobile,  or Fonzie’s leather jacket…

4 thoughts on “What Would You Pay For An Authentic Shelf from Diagnosis Murder?”

  1. They filmed a Spenser for Hire at a relative’s house. (Robert Urich is a very nice guy.) They left the baggie of cocaine/cornstarch that caused the deadly overdose behind.
    The cat eventually shredding the baggie, but it was a fun conversation piece.
    Shelves? I don’t know.

  2. There may be someone along with more money than sense…I wouldn’t let him hold his breath waiting, though.
    On the other hand, perhaps it would be a blessed relief, particularly as he’s not even a fan, just someone hoping to make a quick buck.


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