When Are They Going to Put MY Shows Out on DVD?

B0007us8ca01lzzzzzzzIt seems that every obscure, little-watched or barely-remembered TV show in television history — except my obscure, little-watched, barely-remembered TV shows — are coming out on DVD. Mark Evanier reports that THE DORIS DAY SHOW is now out in a boxed set and shares the fascinating backstory behind the making of the  sitcom.

2 thoughts on “When Are They Going to Put MY Shows Out on DVD?”

  1. Wonder what getting a media overhaul will take–or if there’s even any chance such a thing COULD happen!!! At any rate, I enjoyed perusing your blog today–some great articles and books! I’ll link you under my “Other Writers to Visit” section and hopefully send some new readers your way. I just moved from LA– Ventura was my all-time favorite day trip–wish we’d met when I was out there!


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