Where I Can Go?

I got this comment here today:

hi i have sent in my manuscript to tate. i also got a contract. Im only
15 and at first before the price it looked like a good place to get a
book published. But now that i’ve seen the 4000 investment pay it
doesnt seem to good. I took a look at iuniverse but it dosent publish
childrens books. Do you have any sugestions on were i can go? Thanks

The important thing now is to keep writing. Never, I repeat NEVER, pay to have your book published. If someone offers to publish your book in return for money, that should be a big warning sign to you that they are not a real publisher but rather a "vanity press" or worse, an out-right scam.

If you really feel you’re ready to submit your book for publication, only approach reputable publishers. You can start by looking at who published the books that you enjoy reading, then look them up in the Writers Market and see if they are accepting  unsolicited submissions (meaning not from agent).

But I would say that, at this point, you are better off concentrating more on refining your skills than getting published.  Take some writing courses and read as much as you can. But the most important thing of all is to just keep writing!

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