Who Was the Best TV Doctor?

I received this email today:

I read your blog frequently and am always interested in the TV/movie production insights you provide.  I was also interested in your comments on TV private eyes.  Now since you write a show that includes a doctor, perhaps you’d give us your thoughts on your fave TV doctor.

They run the gamut from Dr. Kildare to Marcus Welby to Dr. Carter on ER with side shoots going off to Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John, MD and the entire cast of "Scrubs".

Peter Tietjen

I like Dr. McCoy (Star Trek), Dr. Adams (Gunsmoke), Rafferty (Patrick McGoohan from the short-lived series "Rafferty"), and Dr. Greene on ER.  I also like Hugh Laurie as Dr. House in the new Fox series.

What about the rest of you?

3 thoughts on “Who Was the Best TV Doctor?”

  1. Ditto Mark Greene on ER. Always competent and cool under fire. And he’s one of only two celebrities I’ve been told I look like.
    The character that Mandy Patinkin played on Chicago Hope was a fun one. Not only could he operate on you, but he could sing while doing it.
    I liked the paramedics on Emergency, although the docs were pretty much generic.
    And don’t forget Quincy! Granted, by the time he sees you, it’s too late. But at least if you were murdered, he’ll figure it out.


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