Why Nick Hornby Doesn’t Read Series Novels

Nick Hornby wrote about Dennis Lehane’s PRAYERS FOR RAIN in the latest issue of The Believer… and explained why he doesn’t like series novels:

I have a need to believe that the events described therein are definitive, that they really matter to the characters. In other words, if 1987 turned out to be a real bitch of a year for Winston Smith, then I don’t want to be wasting my time reading about what happened to him back in 1984…

…Angie Gennaro, who is involved both professionally and romantically with Patrick Kenzie, asks whether she can shave off his stubble — stubble that he has grown to cover scars. “I considered it,” Kenzie tells us. “Three years with protective facial hair. Three years hiding the damage delivered on the worst night of my life…” Hang on a moment. The worst night of your life was three years ago? So what am I reading now? The fourth worst night of your life?

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