6 thoughts on “Why Not to Have Plastic Surgery”

  1. I read that a lot of actresses can’t get work anymore because their facelifts and botox injections have screwed up their looks on camera… I guess they look awesome at parties and at the mall, but you won’t be seeing them on the big screen anytime soon

  2. She must be using the same surgeon as the gal from Dallas, Val Whatzername. Same large lips, same “deer in the headlights” look. How very sad.
    I was standing in the grocery store checkout yesterday and noticed an interesting story title in a magazine or tabloid (forget which) that claims to explain why Hollywood guys cheat on Hollywood gals, “The most beautiful women in the world.” I take issue with that. There are beautiful women all over the world who have no interest in Hollywood, fame, fortune, or breast implants. Hooray for them!
    Lonnie/probably not beautiful to anyone but my family but no plans to “augment.”

  3. Oh. My. God.
    Somebody needs to tell thse women: if you have that kind of slender frame and delicate features, you cannot, repeat cannot implant, inject, pump, or otherwise insert anything between skin and bone and have it look anything but grotesque. There’s just no room.


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