Winslow is Hot Hot Hot

Author Don Winslow’s latest novel THE WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE hasn’t even been published yet, but Variety reports that Robert DeNiro is already attached to star in the movie version for Paramount Pictures.

De Niro would play a Mafia hit man who has given up the game to become the
proprietor of a bait shop. When he finds out that he’s been targeted for a hit,
he gets back in the business.

Winslow’s work made the rounds in New York recently, sparking the interest of
Tribeca. De Niro and Rosenthal committed to the adaptation and, with the help of
CAA, shopped it around to studios.

If the package comes together and a movie gets made, it would bring De Niro
back to a type of character that helped make him famous. He has said he wouldn’t
return to the Mafia world in film but then "Frankie Machine" came along.

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