Woe is Me

Sorry I haven’t been around — jet-lag and technology woes have worked against me. Two days before I left for Europe, my desktop computer crashed. While I was away, my wife reported that my wireless home network crumbled, my Tivo locked up, and the brakes on my car failed. The day I got home, the power adapter for my laptop burned out (better then than on the trip!) and my wife’s laptop belly-flopped. I have spent the last few days fixing all of that…and myself, too (I really got nailed by jet-lag). And yesterday was my birthday, so I took a day off to rest up.

I have since ordered a new desktop computer, a new laptop for my wife, a new power cord for my laptop, reset my router (and added Range Expander to the system), and took my car into the shop. Everything should be humming  along again in the next few days. I’m even beginning to feel like myself again.  But the price-tag for all of those repairs/purchases is going  to be pretty steep. I’d better get to work!

Today I met with the casting director on a new movie/pilot I am working on, paid bills, sorted through the accumulated mail (email and snail-mail),  read two scripts for proposed Action Concept projects, and took a ton of clothes into the dry cleaner. Exciting, huh?

Which has left me with nothing really to say for the blog. I’ll be back soon, I’m sure.

4 thoughts on “Woe is Me”

  1. shame on you lee. you have no business doing laundry. that role belongs to your wife who is supposed to be your servant. don’t ever do that again lee.


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