Yes, it Daniel Craig

It’s official now —Variety reports that  Daniel Craig is the new James Bond. And although director Martin Campbell ("GoldenEye") promises a tougher, grittier Bond, they couldn’t resist introducing Craig to the press by having him arrive by speedboat wearing a Brioni suit. Seems more Brosnan than Connery, doesn’t it?

"Casino Royale" examines Bond’s formative years with Campbell set to chart
the character’s "tough arc" and establish to auds how 007 developed his penchant
for Aston Martins, Martinis and beautiful women.  Other script details include news that there will be no Moneypenny or Q
characters in this film.

2 thoughts on “Yes, it Daniel Craig”

  1. The “tough guy Bond” sounds like the pitch the studio used when Dalton took over the role. The “formative years” bit sounds like the take used on “The Sum of All Fears.”
    The film version of Bond has been redefined several times over the past 44 years. Even the Connery Bond in Diamonds are Forever was far different than the one in Dr. No. The question is whether they will do this redefinition well — i.e., convince audiences that this Bond can pick the perfect wine for dinner, beat the crap out of the sommelier, defuse the micro-nuke in the bottle, and bed the vinter’s daughter, all in the same evening.


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